It has been my persistent endeavor to present soulful and profound content every time I put pen-to-paper (or shall I say finger-to-keyboard). I write the feel. I present you my experiences – some happy, some melancholy. Each post is a piece of history that I’ve lived and cherished. 

I believe the written word can do wonders in conveying thoughts, feelings, emotions in vivid ways. Good ideas and memories help me churn the content that I have patienlty posted here, over the years. come from collaboration. I am excited to start a visual dialogue, reach out to you, and embark on this beautiful journey together. If there’s anything that you wanted here and could not find, drop a line and I’ll get working on it.

While I make a continuous effort to encompass all ideas possible, I’m just a human and am, at times, culpable of some apparent lacunae in my flow of thoughts. In case you come across one, please drop me a line and I’ll take care of it. It has been (and will always be) my earnest endeavor to bring you quality content. I hope to keep you engaged with some delightful and readable content I conjure up every now and then.

Happy reading!!!


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