Kottayi Amith

A teacher, a father, an agreeable (do I have a choice?) husband - I love to play with words. I spin the yarn - and she maintains the (cob)webs. As different as chalk and cheese - we get along very well on this one topic - My Website. Welcome to our world of words and ways of word-smithy. I hope you do not regret your visit here, to say the least.

SHTS Links

Dear faculties, Please find the URLs for various forms/pages we need on a daily basis. If I have missed any important link, please DM me on WhatsApp and I’ll update it here. SHTS Events Availability Checker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eIWGlm5sth4YmtqZZcTFWwRCl6nIeUck6I725vWrklE/edit#gid=0 SHTS Events and VAC Tracker (where you need to update your event and guest details): https://forms.gle/G9EVHhCphGGK32sJ9 Event Feedback …

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MJ and I

Hi friends, You guessed it right. It’s indeed Michael Jackson I’m referring to. It’s his birthday today (sob, sob). As a generation, we grew up on his songs. Then I was a youngster; I could just listen to his songs and enjoy them. As I grew up, I could write too – that’s what brings …

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