I am the city (MUMBAI)…

I am the city (MUMBAI)…

Hello, pals. I set foot in this city long ago. However, it was only in 2005 that I moved here – bag and baggage – as a resident (temporary then and seemingly permanent now). I’ve always felt that this city communicates with me in more ways than one –metaphorically if not literally. The title actually refers to a melodious song by the Swedish foursome ABBA. It first appeared on their compilation album More ABBA Gold: More ABBA Hits in 1993. I always loved the music of this song – but then I feel the lyrics of this song mean something to me – I feel Mumbai sings this song to me and everyone living here.

Too bad, many can’t hear her sing.


This is how it goes:

Coming through a cloud

you’re looking at me from above

And I’m a revelation spreading out before your eyes

I felt this as I descended in an aeroplane whilst landing at the domestic terminal.


And you find me beautiful
and irresistible
A giant creature that forever seems to grow in size

This is something any true blue Mumbaikar worth his salt would agree with – this island city has metamorphosed into an urban agglomeration.


And you feel a strange attraction
The air is vibrant and electrified
Welcome to me, here I am, my arms are open wide

And I embraced her with all my might.


Somewhere in the middle
of the never-ending noise
There is a constant steady rhythm of a heart that beats

This city never stops – it’s like the clock on your wall – tick tock tick tock – no stopping.


And a million voices
blend into a single voice
And you can hear it in the clamour of the crowded streets

They say in Mumbai – everyone’s talking but nobody’s listening.


People come and take their chances
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose a lot
Come, make your own contribution to this melting pot


I’m the street you walk, the language you talk,

I am the city
The skyline is me, and the energy,

I am the city

I gladly obliged her in August 2005 – took my chances – made my contribution to this melting pot.


The famous hotels and the cocktail bars
And the funny smells
And the turmoil, the cars, and the people
The air that you’re breathing is me
Yes, I am the city you let me be

Been there done that or rather seen that.


People feed me with their lives I am a hungry soul
And they all worship me and pay their homage day and night
Every day I knew a lot of tired shopping feet
But come the night they will be dancing in the neon light
Dazzled by the crazy magic
They’re grabbing pieces of the fattened calf
And in the wind, if you listen hard you’ll hear me laugh

I do – I can hear her laugh, cry and speak – I hear her silence too.


I’m the street you walk
The language you talk
I am the city
Yes, I am the city you let me be!!!


Click here to watch the video.

Hats off to you ABBA for giving me a song that personifies my gratitude to the city of dreams. She’s rightly called Mumbai, Meri Jaan!!!


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