Insecurity sells !!!

Insecurity sells !!!

Hello, folks…  I’m back with more food for thought. This time, it’s not about me – rather it’s about most of you out there. OK, count me in – for a bit though (you see – I’m wise!). This situation affects most of us – across all walks of life – at many levels. Let me get straight to the point.

Do you remember your latest purchase? Mobile phone? Car? Insurance? Beauty cream? Fairness cream? Protein supplement? The list is endless… but not the reasons for the purchase – the most important one in the list of reasons is INSECURITY. Let me throw in some other perspectives: a sense of INADEQUACY, Low self-esteem, fear, jealousy etc. most of us all prey to this concept – and this is what fuels many businesses. Most of us are FOOLED into buying one insignificant thing or the other on the pretext of feeding your vanity – while actually (creating and then) feeding your insecurity. Doesn’t make sense? I’m not done yet – actually, I’m just warming up to the fact.

The point to be noted: If you can harness people’s insecurities — if you can pinpoint at their deepest feelings of inadequacy – they will then buy just about any damn thing you tell / sell them.

This is how it works:

  1. They find your ‘pain areas’ and make you feel worse about it.
  2. They carefully CREATE the need to get rid of that feeling.
  3. They then tell you their product will make you feel better.
  4. Bingo! You’ve already fallen into their trap and bought that expensive/ insignificant / useless product.
  • Instill insecurity about LIFE and sell INSURANCE
  • Instill insecurity about their COMPLEXION and sell them FAIRNESS CREAM
  • Instill insecurity about their phones being OUTDATED (even if you have RECENTLY bought it) and sell them an expensive phone
  • Instil insecurity about their PETITE breasts and sell them BUST creams
  • Instill insecurity about their THIN arms and sell them protein SUPPLEMENTS

Ever thought why this happens – to even the sanest of people? Misinformation. Thanks to information technology (how ironic). The vast majority of info that we have today is based on some form of marketing or the other. Add the senseless shit that is propagated via social networking sites / apps e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook etc. We think we know what we need and are ready for it – this is a thought unfortunately based on half-baked notions of reality.

In reality – you don’t need that expensive phone – it doesn’t do anything ‘functionally’ (understand what it means and then start ranting) different from a budget phone. Your breasts are fine the way they are. If your man doesn’t like them – it’s his problem – not yours. You don’t need that cream / silicon. A 32A is only as ‘functional’ as a 36DD. Your 6-pack doesn’t count – it’s the soul that resides within – that matters. You don’t need that protein shake. Life Insurance doesn’t take care of your life – it just takes care of your death (This one can be debated ad nauseum though).

Let me add some more embarrassment to the situation: a large number of people don’t actually seem to have any identifiable problems. Rather, they cling to bizarre and unrealistic standards for themselves. Hence paving a way for marketeers to make their millions with your falliable mind.

We are a part of a capitalist social system where it becomes economical to feed into everyone’s insecurities, their vices and vulnerabilities, to promote their worst fears and constantly remind them of their shortcomings and failures. It becomes profitable to set new and unrealistic standards, to generate a culture of comparison and inferiority. It’s people who constantly feel inferior – that make the best customers.

So please stop for a moment to ponder upon these points. Do we really need to fall prey to the trap laid by marketing companies – knowing now that this trap is made up of a figment of your own imagination – your insecurity? I told you – food for thought.

Bye for now. Yaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn. Yeah honey, I’m coming. (She’s calling – GTG now)

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