Hello friends,

How often do we sit in the comfy confines of our homes and let our a cold sigh with mutterings like “Oh those days” or “Those good old days” or maybe “Where are those days?”? I bet many times. I do that too. Quite often at that. The key cause to this effect is ‘COMPARISON’. Disagree? It’s simple – terms like good, bad, ugly are all SUBJECTIVE. What’s good to one may not be so to another. I drink – my wife hates it. I hate spicy food especially pickles – she loves it. So you see – it’s subjective.
By the way, not all bygone days were golden. Some had black shades to them too. But most of them were¬† golden and they still put a smile on your otherwise glum faces. As I was saying – it’s the comparison that gets us here. We tend to compare THOSE days with THESE days. Let me assure you – the more you do it – the more it will stink. THESE days are almost always WORSE. About 5-10 years later even 29/5/2016 (today) will seem heavenly. Today I’m complaining – tomorrow, I’ll yearn for days like today. I’m sure my daughter will cry out loud, “Dad, you really lived those days? It was so much fun. Look at the times we live in now – it sucks”, and so on.
This is how life progresses. With the advent of newer technologies, we seem to be drifting apart into our lonely microcosms. We tend to be happy with our privacy. Little do we realize that it’s a hard bargain between privacy and social life. You cannot get both at the same time – with the same efficiency as we did as kids. What did we care about privacy then? At best, the only time I needed privacy was while peeing or changing clothes – that’s it. I did not have lockers, no ‘personal stuff’ – nothing much to hide except for my Johnson.
We tend to hide and yet want to be discovered. We do not go out and yet want to be reached. We cannot quit our couches and still want 6-pack abs. We do not call and still miss phone conversations. We do not put the efforts and still cry our loud for not getting the results. We do not keep in touch but still call our friends ‘fair weather’. Finally – we have screwed up our today and still call yesterday ‘golden days’?
Our ‘today’ is taken for granted. We mess with it – we literally screw it black and blue and have the temerity to call the same today ‘a good old day’ a few years later. That’s why they say, ‘live the moment’. It’s easy to yearn for those ‘good old days’ – but do we realize that we still have a precious gift in our hands. Hey stop looking here and there – it’s all around you. It’s called TODAY (I did not mean the contraceptive). Live today so well that we can minimize the need to compare and thereby miss ‘good old days’.
Honestly, comparison almost always leads to despair. So let’s turn over a new leaf. Let’s resolve that we will not mistreat our ‘today’ and wait till it becomes our ‘good old yesterday’.
Today rocks!!! So stop staring at your screens and get lost guys – TODAY is waiting for you.

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