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Please find below some of the most commonly used links in our daily work life:

SHTS Links

Attendance Helping Sheet

Class Test Helper (Aiken)

Induction week webinar details

Lecture Link Updater (Jan 2021 onwards)

Lecture Link Updater (Up to Dec 2021)

LMS video lecture link updater

Online Sheet (Jan 2022 onwards)

Online Sheet (Up to Dec 2021)

SHTS Activity/Events Tracker

Vimeo SHTS Upload page

Vimeo SHTS Upload page

User id:

PWD: Dypatil@123

Notice: These links open only as long as you are logged in to your DY Patil Email/Google accounts.

Other useful links:


Extract numbers from text

Free Online MS Office

Link to download Office 2016 (64-bit)

OCR Website

Online File Converter

Free Open-Source alternatives to costly software

PDF to JPG website


Please feel free to contact me in case you have any queries or need any clarifications.

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