SHTS Links

SHTS Links

Dear faculties,

Please find the URLs for various forms/pages we need on a daily basis. If I have missed any important link, please DM me on WhatsApp and I’ll update it here.

Students / Guest feedback request  logger:

SHTS Events Availability Checker: (Excel View):

SHTS Events Availability Checker (Calendar View):

SHTS Events and VAC Tracker (where you need to update your event and guest details):

Event Feedback Request form:

Class Test Helper (Aiken)

Lecture Link Updater (June 2022 onwards)

LMS video lecture link updater

Online Lectures Sheet (Jan 2022 onwards)

SHTS Activity/Events Tracker

SHTS Activity/Events Response Sheet (Read-only)

Vimeo SHTS Upload page

Vimeo SHTS Upload page

User id:

PWD: Dypatil@123

Note: These links open only as long as you are logged in to your DY Patil Email/Google accounts.

Shawman MMS:

Other useful links:


Extract numbers from text

Free Online MS Office

OCR Website

Online File Converter

Free Open-Source alternatives to costly software

PDF to JPG website


Please feel free to contact me in case you have any queries or need any clarifications.

Your friend,

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